We prepare documents for landlords and tenants.


Landlords and Tenants have separate but equally important rights and responsibilities. In a nutshell, the landlord's responsibility is to provide a decent place for someone to live. And the tenant's responsibility is to pay the rent in full and on time, and do no damage to the property. 

Florida statutes for residential rentals are found in Chapter 83 Florida Statutes. There are instances of landlords abusing the rights of their tenant and also of a tenant abusing the rights of a landlord. The river runs both ways. 

There is no requirement for a rental agreement to be in writing, but it is certainly a good practice for both landlord and tenant. Even when there is no dispute whatsoever, it is easier for both parties to abide by their duties if they have a written document to refer to. 

Misunderstandings falling short of abuse, can certainly happen. The agreement about a security deposit, duration of a rental agreement, and whether or not a tenant may have pets, for example, are easy to forget until a dispute arises. At the point a dispute arises, both parties referring to their original agreement, can keep both parties out of court. 

  • Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit - approx. $99.
  • Complaint for Eviction for Nonpayment -approx $175.
  • Writ of Possession -approx  $99.
  • Answer to Eviction Complaint -approx  $175.

Landlord/ Tenant Document Preparation Request

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