We prepare and format documents for civil claims, answers, small claims court, etc. 


We rely on the written information you provide to prepare and format your documents. We request that you purchase a block of time as it is difficult to gauge the time needed to prepare these documents. Our minimum block of time to purchase is four hours. Our hourly rate is $65. A four hour block of time is $260. After that, we'll send you an invoice if more time is needed, or you require additional documents as your case progresses. 

If we refer you to a colleague, their hourly rate may be more or less. Be sure to request a price quote.

Small claims - amount sued for is up to $5,000.

County Court - amount sued for is between $5,000. and $15,000.

Circuit Civil Court - amount sued for is in excess of $15,000.

We can explain court procedure and rules, and provide you with legal information. We cannot provide legal advice or representation. We prepare your documents according to your instructions. 

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