We prepare Florida family law documents. 


  • Divorce with or without children; and with or without property. Fees $315. and up. Price varies according to your situation.
  • Paternity Action - similar to a divorce with children, but the parents have never married. Approx. $410.
  • Modifications of child support and child custody (timesharing). Approx. $260. 
  • Family Adoptions. $450. A family adoption is an adoption by a family member withing three steps of blood relation, this includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and great grandparents. Stepparent adoptions are considered family adoption.
  • Temporary or Concurrent Custody by an Extended Family Member - Approx. $199.
  • Answers to a family law petitions - Approx. $199.
  • Disestablishment of Paternity - Approx $395.
  • Procedural Motion - Approx. $85.
Please note, prices displayed are the price we charge in-house. If we refer you to a colleague, their prices may vary. Always request a written price quote. 

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